The virus continues to close cities and countries

Israeli Authorities are ready to impose a complete blockade of the country to prevent the spread of coronavirus. According to the Prime Minister of the country, such measures the government will take if the measures already taken will not lead to a reduction in the number of infections.

Earlier, the Israeli authorities tightened the quarantine measures, reports channel “Russia 24”. Residents can’t go more than 100 meters from their place of residence, taxis are forbidden to carry more than one passenger. Private transport can not ride more than two people — and only to the store, pharmacy or meduchrezhdeniy.

In Honduras, the armed soldiers began to deliver food to those who cannot leave the house. Products received more than three million people.

the Authorities in new York amid the spread of the infection will remove the basketball hoops at 80 venues in the city. According to the police, citizens continue to violate the rule of distancing in these places, despite the ban. It on a press-conferences were declared by the mayor of the city.

Serbia has started to transform the capital’s exhibition center of Belgrade, in the hospital with boxes for the treatment of patients with coronavirus. Such action of the Serbian authorities recommended that the expert group from China. The center has already established about 3000 beds for the volunteers and the servicemen of the defense Ministry of the country.