In the virtual Museum “Moscow — caring history” appeared archive photos of the capital since the late nineteenth century to the present day. The pictures posted in the section “photo Chronicle of Moscow”. They can see how developed and changed the town how it was built and grew. The section got a lot of photos, which depicted the daily life of the Muscovites.

a Separate album devoted to childhood. The photographs of Nicholas Shchapova and Efim Pavlova you can see that the free time children from a wealthy family in the nineteenth century spent at home, in the garden, communicating with relatives or friends of the same age, who came to visit.

But there was another child. Nicholas Shchapov captured boys who climbed up on a huge road roller, abandoned in the middle of the street, and the misanthrope Pavlova is a group portrait of the pupils of the Sunday school. On weekdays, these children were forced to help their parents with the housework or employment.

Many of the photographs were taken during important historical events and allow you to look at the ordinary life of people at that time. Much attention is paid to the great Patriotic war. For example, in the photo taken by Boris Yaroslavtsev, the woman together with her daughters wrote a letter to the front.

In Soviet times, children’s life was not at home. Kindergartens, schools, summer camps, clubs, parks and yards are the places where spent their time guys. From the 1950s photographers are increasingly beginning to turn to the subject of children. Professionals and Amateurs put on a show for the boys, their sports and creativity and simple joy.

In the library “mash” came the photo album “Moscow metro is 85 years old!”

the Documents and objects presented in the virtual Museum, was collected in the framework of “Moscow — caring for history,” which since April of last year carried out of glavarkhiv and igsc “My documents”. During this time on eternal storage of glavarkhiv received more than six thousand documents and more than a thousand items.