Always green, surrounded by trees, the village of Pushkino is now unrecognizable. Many of the courtyards had disappeared flowers, dry fruit trees, water barely enough for watering vegetable gardens and to water the cattle.

Earlier in the summer, residents rescued a large pond that stretches across the village in the territory of 30 hectares, the water from the pond was used to water. But this summer, the pond is completely dry. Instead of the mirrored surface of the grassy saucer.

– Our street was formerly called Mill, as the site of the present houses on the Bank of the pond stood the mill, which is in the middle of the last century was dismantled and taken to another area, – says the journalist, a native Pushkino Marina Biryukova.

the Pond, the former main attraction of the village in the Volga steppes, dug another German colonists. The old-timers well remember how on the pond boating, fishing and crayfish. Machinists of locomotives at the neighbouring station Urbach draw water from the same pond. Almost all pushkintsy started a conversation with me with the same words: “My childhood was spent on the pond”.

the Pond was clean and clear, grandmother and other women there rinsed linen, and deep – boys dived from the bridge into the water, – says a resident of the village of Olga, enlarged by such.

over the years, the pond silted up and became dry, lost fish and crayfish. The only source of replenishment of the reservoir was melt water and rain. However, the villagers say that before the bottom gets the springs, but now a trace of them left. Recent years, the pond was completely dry by August. Last spring, during the flood the water from the pond burst a dam and is almost completely gone, a large pond was a small pond. This year it is completely dry.

As told by another resident of the village Irina Tartamella when the pond became shallow, at the same time raised the ground water. Many homes near the lake in the summer was the flooding of the cellar.

– Now and the pond dried up, and in the cellars dry, – says Irina Herberton.

According to citizens of Pushkin, now a days all share for them to “dry” when the water does not swing, and “wet”. The township water supply system the water comes from the district center – the village of Stepnoye. The fall comes it is not all of the streets, no water remains constantly the outskirts of the village of Cheryomushki.

– When the water has filled all containers, cans, buckets, enough for two days. The water almost all the time muddy and dirty, to defend her, but to no avail, the better it becomes. I have three small grandchildren, run into, come from the street sweaty, dirty and impossible to swim, – said Olga, enlarged by such.

the Inhabitants of the village with difficulty, but manages to keep the farms cattle. Every morning the shepherd drives away the village herd to the nearby village where there is another pond. And Housewives are trying to conserve water until the evening to water the cows, when they will drive home.

– In such villages as ours, people are living vegetable garden, the farm. If the water problem cannot be solved, hence they will be forced to leave, – says a resident of the village of Elena Shulgin.

Local authorities explain that the restriction of the water supply in the village – a necessary measure, as its analysis for watering gardens increases significantly.

the Utility has estimated that if the fall and winter in Pushkino water consumption per day is 700 cubic meters, but now it has increased to 1200-1300 cubic meters, and this is still not enough, – explains the first Deputy head of the Soviet district of the Saratov region Fedor Kalmyk.

As told in the administration of the district, out of the current situation are trying to find. The pond was surveyed by experts of the regional Ministry of ecology and natural resources, Hydrogeologists, employees of the Ministry. Any springs under a layer of silt at the bottom of the pond to detect still failed. Had to refuse from the idea to drill artesian wells, because the local groundwater is not suitable for irrigation, have a large content of alkalis and iron. Difficult feasible looks and movement of water into a dry pond from another pond- all of them are at a great distance from Pushkino.

According to employees of the Ministry of environment, the thickness of the mud at the bottom of a dried-up pond supposedly does not exceed 50-60 cm. Therefore, according to the office, clearing a pond can also be inefficient in order to fill it.

At the same time in regional administration have confirmed that the depth of the pond is very different in all its area of 30 hectares. At the lower point up to the overtopping of the dam it is only two meters, and the area of the large mirror ranges from five to seven meters.

this year, the rural municipality, at its expense, has already started clearing the pond.

– For these purposes it was allocated about 960 thousand rubles, cleared about eight thousand cubic meters of mud from the area in hectares, which is about the twentieth part of the territory of the pond, – said the head of administration of the Pushkin MO Natalya Pavlenko.

However, for the full clearing of the reservoir required amount comparable to the entire annual budget of the municipality. At the same time, if you do not clear the pond this year, then next summer Pushkino will be left without water. It is very well understood by local residents.

Our family and some neighbors are ready to invest in clearing the pond of its own funds, but to begin the work necessary to resolve legal issues: part of the pond located on municipal territory, and part of that is just near our houses, on the ground of the farm, so you need to obtain the permission of the owner, told me local residents�� Faith Boldyrev.

Fyodor Kalmykov, first Deputy head of the Soviet district of the Saratov region:

– Now we try to solve the problem of water supply in Pushkino complex, the locals suggested to create an initiative group to work together, with experts more time to analyze the situation and find the optimal solution. Sent letters to the regional Ministry of natural resources and environment, construction and housing. You may be able to obtain state or Federal funding through a targeted programme. Consider the possibility of participation in the regional program to support local initiatives, when part of the funds provided by the citizens.

Galina Chirkova, press Secretary of the Ministry of natural resources and ecology of the Saratov region:

– during the last years on the territory of Saratov region recorded stage of water shortage, when climatic changes affect the water level decrease in rivers and lakes. A small supply of water in the snow, no spring floods, reduction in rainfall, increased temperatures lead to greater evaporation and lower water levels in surface water bodies and underground aquifers.


this year of the support programme for local initiatives funding received 156 municipalities in the Saratov region. Of 176,7 million rubles

120 million will allocate the regional budget, 9.2 million rubles amount of funds of the residents, 16 million will come from organisations and from extra-budgetary sources, the rest of the money will provide municipalities. Most of the projects associated with the organization, or repairing the water networks.