Finally, have scuffled national team coach Vladimir Petkovic and Xherdan Shaqiri, together, found a date and have spoken out.

you Are now cleared out all the personal differences out of the way? Hardly. But the knowledge only Petkovic and Shaqiri.

they jumped over their shadows, have overcome their Pride. That should be enough for a successful cooperation. You don’t need to drink brotherhood, not sheep, not together in the holidays.

“Eleven friends you must be”, is a myth. It is enough, if Shaqiri, Xhaka, Petkovic & Co to pick up the most for the same goal, its all worth it.

And for all those who Shaq after his resignation for the national team game against Ireland, to pepper the country wish for(t)en. In the Swiss national team he is better off. Because a motivated Shaqiri in game mood in a country like Switzerland can not do without, want to have success.