starting this season, the Barrage is back and we love you already, even before ever is, who is there to compete.

last spring, the clubs in the two highest leagues in favour of the re-introduction of the play-off games, after they rejected the earlier years.

The arguments against decision On games and descent were to understand: From an entrepreneurial point of view, the Barrage is a sky travel command. The club will not know until June whether or not you are rising a couple of weeks later with a Super League or Challenge League Budget in the season and which contracts in the case of a descent would be still valid.

recently, the Lugano coach Fabio Celestini has complained, that you leave at the onset for fear of the Barrage, no young players, and defensive play.

The Fan will win

For the Fan but there are games in this final all-or-nothing, accounting for the stimulus.

imagine, how the championship without relegation games would look like this: YB is for weeks, master, GC since Sunday afternoon virtually been relegated. In the Challenge League, the rise of Servette is only a matter of form.

but we are looking forward to a dramatic championship finish in both leagues, before it goes to the both of barrage will once again play the real thing. Cool!