can be, How brutal the Sport! Wendy Holdener is leading after the first run of Slalom, super on it, has the gold medal in front of eyes. And then your great world Cup dream dissolves after only ten seconds of sound and smoke. In Interviews shortly afterwards, she is on the verge of tears.

Certainly: Two gold medals brought Holdener in Are. She has more than just delivered, both in the wagon, and in the Team Event. But in these disciplines, they had won already a big title on the one hand, in the case of the world Cup in 2017, on the other hand, at the Olympic games in 2018. There’s no question that world championship Gold in the Slalom would have had a very different role.

That it was not enough, is a pity. No, it is more. It is incredibly bitter. But you must blame yourself Holdener nothing. You drove to get silver or Bronze. No, she wanted Gold. So sad she is now: at some point you will realize that you did exactly the right thing.

The Chance to Slalom Gold was tempting. Maybe even unique, in view of the Slalom domination by Mikaela Shiffrin. Holdener was Leading in the second round, it was good, could not and had to risk it. A safety run, you would have never forgiven himself for in life, even if he had brought her space of 2 or 3.

Holdener is currently destroyed on the ground. But you will stand up. She’s not one to give up. They showed in perhaps the most bitter Moment in your career. Although it was clear that she had forgiven your mistakes, all the chances of getting a medal, she went into the goal. That brought her nothing. And yet it says a lot about Holdener. Giving up is not an Option.

heads up, Wendy!

From the 4. to 17. February 2019 in Are (Sweden) the alpine instead of the world ski Championships. Who, the Swiss are favorites? In which disciplines when? Where can you buy Tickets? And what the Swiss have brought gold medals home?