On the part of the clubs one is always complaining about a barren game market and, consequently, to high wages, to drive instead of the production of young players consistently. So Young to come with us too rarely to train.

with the exception of the 16-year-old Talent Lorenzo Canonica, who was in Lugano, due to many injured twice ran plays so far, no player who is younger than Born in 2001, in the National League. An indictment, if one pulls up the comparison to other Top leagues in Europe: the Case of the leader of the Czech Republic, there are 37, in Sweden, 26 in Slovakia 24 Finland 17, in the KHL 15 and even in Germany, 8 – so, eight times more than in the highest Swiss League.

in contrast, one thinks of the Association – perhaps because you can’t buy just a player. For years, players in the national team to train, which, if they were put under the magnifying glass, not in international Format.

But the games with the national team, like those in these days at the Germany Cup in Krefeld, Germany, some grow. Some recognize only what they’re capable of. Others to notice where you still have some catching up to do and be ripped out of your comfort zone.

So Patrick Fischer makes the national team players. The way has been proven. Last year, Janis Jérôme Moser 18 made, for example,-Year-old to make the leap to the world Cup. Who gives the talents, the confidence will be rewarded.