“steal your children of their future, right before your eyes,” says the 15-year-old Swedish student, Greta Thunberg at the climate summit in Katowice. And shakes the whole world. Later, the young environmental activist is also a guest at the WEF in Davos. And to go animated in Switzerland, too, countless young people for your concern on the road.

And then the 75-year-old Gian-Franco Kasper talks and the climate change in question. Even if he tries to qualify later his statements: His ramblings at the start of the Alpine skiing world Championships, ushering in gloomy weeks.

As Kasper also occurs at the start of the Nordic title fights to the fat cells. He is ordered by the representatives of the snow sport Nations to the FIS Congress to Thai Pattaya already grotesque enough. That he is not trying to justify itself (“Pattaya is only a Sexparadies”) shows, as crude has become the world Kaspers.

In Seefeld melt then the cross-country trails in temperatures as in summer. This is the irony of fate. Climate change strikes back. That, then, in the Tyrol, and Germany, also a doping network will be excavated, overshadowed this Winter.

That’s not all the fault of the FIS President. But some of it is homemade. The eternal reformst Auer Kasper is elected until 2022. Before but the climate is further poisoned, it is to be hoped that the 75 makes the way it used to.

And athletic? As Corinne Suter, Wendy Holdener and Ramon have Zenhäusern in the Alpine for the highlights. At the North ski jumper Killian Peier has taken care of for the big exclamation point. The Rest remained pale.

But rather no medal RAID as a doping RAID.