came suddenly. Clear: Sion President Christian Constantin had been going on for some Playing angry. Because the results no longer agreed with. But he was in his criticism one always outside: Murat Yakin. Under normal circumstances, only a descent would probably mean a premature end of coach Yakin in Sion. Maybe not even that.

not just any Trainer. He is the man for the CC Maurizio Jacobacci freezing sacrificed, saved him last season before the fall in the second-class citizens. He is the man, the CC has always been as a Coach had wanted. He is the man whose contract CC extended at the end of January head over to 2021. A Novelty! Yakin was for CC, there is a football God. And he himself is a Fan of this coach. CC and Yakin, which was fou an amour, as the Frenchman says. A according to the dictionary, fateful, passionate love.

Exactly. Because CC is not hidden, that he repeated, with Murat Yakin a 08/15-Trainer. But a purple Emperor that envelops every club he has coached, with an Aura of the Mundane. With everything that goes with it.

didn’t Yakin on the fact, not prior to several Games in the team hotel sleeping. He considered this in his self-understanding as a secondary. Yakin has been overestimated.

this is a bit different. And the Perception is what counts in the FC Sion. And can’t stand to the death: compromises in the work ethic. Those he has identified in this case. And then he makes even gods fall. to have

as a Bagatelle scored, was a monumental miscalculation on the part of Yakin. The cost him the Job. Whether he distressed to death about it? There is certainly circumstantial evidence that it is him – let’s say – not much mind that, the curtain fell and the theatre CC. As is almost always without applause.