“We would have made it very much, but it was not economically feasible,” said Frankfurt’s sporting Director Fredi Bobic in September to the file Kevin Mbabu.

in Concrete terms, The harmony will have submitted an offer to the 6 million Swiss francs. However, for Mbabu YB wanted to at the time, at least 10 million. Since then, its value has risen thanks to the performances against Manchester United in the Champions League and with the Swiss national team against Belgium.

YB-sports-in-chief Christoph Spycher smells of the market value-development. He anticipates how his active times on the course. He was not necessarily the fastest. So he gave in one Iota and led Bobic’s statement above.

The case Mbabu is a teaching example for the new self-understanding of YB! A key player you are just because a couple of Milliönchen are in the room. YB has lost the Status as a player-discounters. And this is good for our football!