It is a strange game with Basel coach Marcel Koller. As he brings the Cup and thus the first title of the new Era. And yet the bosses will avoid a commitment to him as the devil the Holy water. Despite a running contract.

The Problem is: With this approach, Koller’s authority is undermined. This happened already, as almost the entire team before the winter break, the President enquired about the Trainer complained.

And it is the same in both cases, for outsiders to be amazing that you can just run.

Koller has coached the team’s only Cup race victory, but also for consistency in the championship taken care of: In the last 22 Games he has lost only Once – at 1:3 in Bern. That he has managed to do this in spite of all this false fire, and despite the Wailing of some of the players, is a performance. You can twist and turn as you want.

But in Basel, the clocks tick differently. Since Murat was dismissed Yakin, after the players had with the bosses complained. And this Power, the player is dangerous.

of Course: In the autumn you has missed all the targets. But Koller has reached in the back round, the Maximum. This speaks against a release at this time. The bosses come to a different conclusion, then that is your right. But then you should create finally clarity!

Because of this around the eggs is harmful. And effect with respect to the team and to the Public fatal. With each day of uncertainty, Koller loses a piece of authority.

This is unworthy and does not deserve that Marcel Koller.