Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal did not disappoint the expectations. Since the draw of the Wimbledon Tableau, two weeks ago, the Tennis world was hoping for the paper form expected for a semi-final classic. The matches in the preliminary rounds were for the better warm-up – without any of the pitfalls. Ever since the Manic Monday many media wrote on the Match “Fedal”.

The game held, what it promised – but without the big dramaturgy at a Grand Slam. The high voltage of a fifth rate as in 2008, in Wimbledon, or last to 2017 to the Australian Open Final was missing. With Federer the Better on Friday in the 40. Comparison by set. Now he can look forward.

Federer’s body language is impressive during this tournament. He makes a topfitten impression and is brimming with self-confidence. Even in difficult moments, he is not to bring calm.

You can feel that the Centre Court is once again to be the living room, where he was able to triumph eight Times. Against the baseline specialist Nadal, he determined over long stretches of the Match. That was not to be expected necessarily.

Even if it would admit it publicly-never, secretly, Federer felt, of course, a sweet satisfaction that him, eleven years later, the revenge for the Final Defeat was achieved. The second-to-last hurdle to 9. Wimbledon victory, he has confidently taken.

Now another giant in front of him with Novak Djokovic. To clear this out of the way, you have Federer defeat to create something he has never achieved In the same Major tournament with both Nadal as well as the Serbs. In the current shape of the credit is to him.