Bernhard Alpstaeg is comrade a shirt sleeve time. Not only a successful entrepreneur and multi-millionaire. But emotional, quick-tempered, unpredictable. Time he wants to get Frank Ribery to FC Luzern. The next day, he wants to sell his shares. Because he is no longer willing to cover the structural deficit.

His behavior in the last months and weeks is puzzling. On the one hand, it secures the majority in the stadium, on the other hand, he resigns from the Board of Directors. And announced that he wants to sell his package of shares. An offer to purchase his hated against players but he fails.

What he wants? He wants total Power? Or he actually wants to exit? But the field which is to leave it to the nerves? Or the rumor that a foreign Investor wants to shell out 50 million for the club and the stadium is the cause for his strategy?

in any case, the FCL is a shambles, what subject Image and outer appearance. And the shareholders ‘ agreement is so complicated that even the majority shareholder Alpstaeg can’t decide. This paralyzing stalemate situation needs to be cleared up soon.

Because every day the damage to the club was greater. And the Regret that a club with this Tradition and these opportunities do not come from the spot.