Silvia Aeschbach: Because many people do not have the prejudice, that age and happiness fit together. The women and men that I portray in my book, were very old, some over 90. What connects them: they could fight for their personal happiness, in spite of misfortunes and losses. And we can learn Younger of them.

Irmy lost 70 years of age, your long-term husband. Eight years later, she was set up by a colleague. Irmy fell in love in with a Bang, pulled together within a few weeks with her boyfriend. Often one has the feeling that age is only downhill. Irmy was allowed to experience of almost 80 years for the first Time, a passionate love.

In the age increase although diseases and losses. But if it remains open and does not resign, to do again and again for new opportunities.

These people were telling me honestly how she blows of fate, almost desperately. A question for all: do you get to Decide after a period of mourning that life now anyway? Or will you get up and get on with it? All of them have consciously decided for the second option.

You should always maintain your own passions, even if it is for work or family is involved. It can give even in difficult times, true.

Max (85) maintains a huge rose garden. This passion helped him with the dementia illness and later the death of his wife. Or the pharmacist, Ruth, who led with her husband, who was also a pharmacist, a joint business. Already in the 1960s, the Couple Job and childcare was shared. At the time this was very unusual. For Ruth, which, unfortunately, is 91 years passed away recently, this was however a matter of course, because she loved not only her children, but also their profession.

Yes, again and again. The 86-year-old Suzette is a good example of this. As a spiritual person, she was always the black sheep of the family. In your life you had to decide consciously for their way and against the conventions of society – a difficult process.

Many women tend even today to see the Partner of your happiness in life. They forget that each person is first and foremost for his own luck.

a Lot of old people have said to me, Significant never because of a love relationship, or because of a professional over a longer period of time with your friends. Because your friends are still there, if the Partner or of the success is gone.

of Course. Love and passion are the Motor for everything. Today I see love in a more holistic and you learn so much not only in love relationships, but also my friends, my animals or Writing.

never Deny what is important to you and what makes you who you are to please other people.

We always strive for perfection. But this is boring. Exciting the breaks in life. I asked my interview partners about: What makes you happy? But: How did you manage it, your luck to find, to keep and to enjoy, in spite of all crises?

Margot, at the age of 99 still on the Golf course has Impressed me. Their Motto was: Celebrate the feasts, until you fall. Three months before her death, she has your 100. Birthday celebrated with all their Loved ones in five different places. I the joy of life call to the last!

Absolutely. How many wrinkles someone has, or whether he goes on the Walker, has nothing to do with how he feels on the inside. We are what we have experienced and what makes us different. Whether we are 30, 60 or 90.