One thing is certain: it will be exciting! On Sunday evening, the 91 is on the rise. The Academy awards, and particularly in the category of best film this year is still wide open. While in the past, mostly two favorites clearly crystallized, but it seems this year almost all eight of the nominees chances of getting one of the coveted gold statues. VIEW-Film-expert Manuel Kellerhals dares but nevertheless, a forecast, and chooses to the end a favorite.

the Green Book

“the Green Book” warmed hearts with its simple story about the black piano virtuosos Don Shirley (†86), hired in 1962, the white driver of Tony Vallelonga (†82), so that this accompanied him on a concert tour through the South of the USA. Any profit depends on how divided the members of the Academy are at the present time. Older members may that the Film is concerned, the twinkle of a heavy topic like racism with a “Good mood”-mood, and a lot of eyes, for the younger representatives of this approach are likely to be out of date, however. The profit of the Producers Guild of America Award for the best Film, in Insider circles, often referred to as “Pre-Oscar”, shows that you “may not appreciate the Green Book”.

The Favourite

With a total of ten nominations in the history of Film as one of the big favourites for the main prize of the Film Gala. Deserved the black Comedy about two cousins who go to the court of Queen Anne of great Britain (†49) for their favor over dead bodies, all. Director Yorgos Lanthimos (45) managed to dust off the dusty Genre of the costume film with gadgetry and biting wit. Maybe the victory of “The Favourite would be” however, traditionally, for the Academy, who would like to embark on new paths.

Bohemian Rhapsody

The nomination of “Bohemian Rhapsody” can be explained probably due to the fact that the Academy will be increasingly Blockbuster honor, because in the case of most critics, the biography of rock star Freddie Mercury (†45) fell through. The Queen Film was to the audience-Hit and played almost a billion dollars. Chances of getting the award as the best Film is likely to have the biggest hit but still. Even alone, the renewed abuse allegations against Director Bryan Singer (53) are likely to have stifled the opportunities in the Bud.

A Star Is Born

“A Star Is Born” was traded a few weeks ago as a big favorite. Because the music-Drama Bradley Cooper (44) meets with his intimate told Underdog Story, exactly to the taste of the Academy. The Blockbuster also has probably the most loyal Fans of this year’s nominees – and only thanks to a magnificent Lady Gaga (32). At the award ceremonies before the Oscars, the Film could not win but one of the major Awards. In addition, Superstar Bradley Cooper (44) is not nominated for best Director. Would win “A Star Is Born”, it would be the first time since 1934 that the gold statue to a Film that is not nominated in this division.

Black Panther

the nomination of the “Black Panther” is Already a small Sensation. Because so far the Oscars have ignored the superhero epics, from the house of Marvel vehemently. A victory of the “Black Panther” could be the Academy, but finally the attention of the young audience, which was lost in the last few years. In addition, a few movies had such a big influence on the Pop culture of 2018 as the Action Film about king T’Challa and his fight with the fictional Wakanda. A victory of the “Black Panther” would be revolutionary – and that’s exactly why possible.


In “Vice”, Director Adam McKay (50) Ex-US President George Bush (72) mercilessly as a puppet of his Vice Dick Cheney (78), and thus also the whole Republican party. Thus, the Film of the often politically left Academy really speaks from the soul. However, for an award as the best Film Vice is not likely to be simply good enough. There’s also the terrific performance by Christian Bale (45), the increase for his role as Cheney 20 kilos doesn’t help.


“BlacKkKlansman” hits the nerve of the time and that is the great strength of the tragicomedy, a black police official who in the ‘ 70s, the Ku Klux Klan infiltrated. In recent years there has been repeated criticism that the Academy, and a Diversity-especially movies of white men before Problem. “BlacKkKlansman” could be a clear sign. However, the police Film is not only regarded as a secret tip, but exudes more Coolness than all of its competitors. In addition, Director Spike Lee (61) was nominated five times for an Oscar but has never won. In 2019, he could finally get the long-awaited accolade.


be honest: Would “the Roma” a Netflix production, the Film from Director Alfonso Cuarón (57) the Oscar already in the bag. Because the Drama of a maid in Mexico is told in the spectacular, image implemented powerful and so masterfully that most of the other nominees wouldn’t stand a Chance. However, many members of the Academy block still in front of it, to honor movies that have been produced by a Streaming service. Nevertheless, I hope that the Netflix movie will take the gold statue home and so writes history. This also speaks, that “Roma” was awarded at the British Academy Awards as best Film. And the Academy can not close their eyes to the future of the movie Business forever.

This Film had the Oscar-2019

Every year deserve to be re-awarded the prestigious Oscars. Not only Hollywood, the price of gala is eagerly anticipating the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. But why the price is so? Who has the most? Those who rejected him? And how much the event cost?