The verdict had been spoken on Thursday afternoon in a non-public trial, said a court spokesman on Friday in Magdeburg.

The defendants have filed a comprehensive confession. The judgment was also an understanding between defence, the Accused and public Prosecutor. The co-plaintiff representatives have objected to the understanding, as the court spokesman added. The judgment is not appealable, it Revision is possible.

victim died from the consequences of the fall

The Syrians had moved in September of 2017, his victims, after a quarrel, a slap in the face. The 30-Year-old crashed then, according to the indictment, on the back of the head. He suffered serious injuries, he should still be on the same day died. Due to the age of the accused, did not negotiate the juvenile chamber open to the public. The judgment was reported to the “image”-newspaper. Four scenarios are possible: researchers describe how this Virus will change the world of PCP can describe Four possible scenarios: researchers, as the Virus in the world

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