The veterans refused to pay for bad food and got under court

And this amount is not final. Perhaps as a result of the trial Victor Moseychuk have to pay much more.

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In the Novosibirsk house of veterans is valid amazing system of calculation of payment for social services. It is not measured in rubles. A percentage of income residents: three quarters of the income. And not a fraction less.

the Income that is typical of all different. For example, a former special forces soldier Victor Moseychuk, who was seriously wounded in Chechnya, receives about 25 thousand rubles per month. And the social pension of Alexander Zhukov – also a disabled person, living in the Novosibirsk house of veterans, and is also caught in debtors (him the house requires half a million), only slightly more than 8 thousand rubles. Income is three times less than a neighbor with a military background. But he and the other needs to give three quarters.

Officials refer to the law. However, there is nothing like it. In the Federal law “About bases of social service of citizens of the Russian Federation” says that the amount of payment for social services is calculated on the basis of the rates but may not exceed 75 percent of the income of residents. Agree, different wording.

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the Courts on claims of the house veterans Zhukov and Moseychuk began almost simultaneously. The defendants desire to pay for those social services that they need. The Federal law them the right choice provides. And regional Ministerstvo of labour and social development – in any case. Here not long ago issued an order, securing a veterans home services. Now it is believed that the hospital provided dozens of small, and a single complex, you can’t refuse. No way. Under any circumstances. Get the complex – to give 75 percent of income.

But Victor Moseychuk, for example, wants to pay for 10 services out of 69, that is, the ones that he really needs. He wrote a statement of refusal to supply, which he is not satisfied, to the Director of the house in 2015. It was ignored. And the court this was Viktor lost – complex, nothing helped!

Now, in order not to starve, Victor, receiving a pension, takes the backpack and hobbles on crutches to the store. Was there to buy sour cream, ravioli that cooks in the microwave, bacon, sausage, bread and other food, which he satisfied. But this right they want to deprive, forced to eat slops in the morning and give it everything money – on meat and fat residues from a store is not enough.

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he swears He never signed a contract with the welfare that he took 75 percent of the total income, including EDV. But a spokesman for the house veterans said that such an agreement defendant signed. But if this contract Victor is not satisfied, and, long ago, why not to terminate and not to rewrite? And if the food is tasteless, then why not check out what and how to prepare the house veterans?

Following session under the claim to the Moseychuk will be held on April 6. Alexander Zhukov will meet with their opponents in court today – March 5.

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