Mikheil Saakashvili, apparently, was not destined to become Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine. According to the chief editor of one of the scandalous Ukrainian portals Yuri Butusova, the Verkhovna Rada withdrew the idea of appointing the ex-President of Georgia, member of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers. The Cabinet of Ministers in reply declared that he did not submitted the candidacy of Saakashvili in the Parliament. The Verkhovna Rada confirmed that on 30 April, no consideration of appointments to the Cabinet are planned. In General, all pretend that Saakashvili inviting him into the government was just a dream.

However, all know exactly what the offer from Zelensky he received. And the candidate had a long discussion in Committee, and at a fraction of “servant of the people”. At the end of last week there were rumors that the votes for the appointment of ex-President of Georgia Deputy Prime Minister is not reached. Even the Pro-presidential faction “servant of the people”, according to Butusova, barely mustered 140 supporters of his appointment. And on Tuesday morning it became known that he opposed “second coming” of Saakashvili was made by the speaker of Parliament Dmitry Razumkov, which threatened to arrange in Parliament almost a riot. As a result, the administration of President Zelensky, whose idea was the inclusion of the former Governor of the Odessa region in the “team se”, abandoned their plans.

Before Saakashvili, of course, inconvenient. As long as “surrender”, he was offered a position in the Odessa municipality’s quota of “public Servants”. It is even said that it can appoint the mayor of Odessa. It’s certainly not the Governor of the region, especially not the Deputy Prime Minister. But it is better than nothing. The question is, would agree to such a change Saakashvili himself. While on his social network page there is an announcement about a fruitful meeting with the faction “the Voice” in Parliament. Looks like Michael Nikolaevich continues to seek votes for his appointment.