The vast majority of Crimean residents welcome reunification with Russia

Only 4% hold the opposite point of view, another 3% were undecided. Welcome the entry into the Russian Federation and the Sevastopol residents (90%), 6% say they have a negative attitude to this event.

Photo: iStock Crimeans will celebrate six years of reunification with Russia

According to the survey, 90% of Russians are sure to take the Crimea to Russia was the right decision. Of them almost every second (49%) share this opinion, because it is “native Russian land”, 8% – because there lived Russian people, the 5% because that was the desire of local residents, and another 5% consider it to be historically fair.

Three-quarters of residents across the country (71%) six years later see more benefits of joining Crimea to the Russian Federation. 72% of respondents in the Crimea and 67% in Sevastopol, said that the reunification with Russia had a positive impact on their lives and the lives of their families. 77% of respondents satisfied with the situation in the Republic and 71% of the residents of Sevastopol – in the city.

In the Crimea believe that after these events to improve the lives and financial situation (23%), became more secure, stabilized the political situation (18%), there were more jobs (9%), increased pensions (8%). Respondents in Sevastopol, talked about safety (16%), about a dream come true to live in Russia and the improvement of the material well-being (14%).

Feldman said the terms of the return of Crimean from Ukraine

the fact that the reunification of Russia and Crimea had no effect on their lives, say for 14% of the residents of Crimea and Sevastopol.

If the referendum was held again, 88% of the Crimean population and 84% of Sevastopol, according to the polls, would have voted for unification of territories in the Russian Federation.

the Reluctance of some countries to officially recognize the Crimea to the Russian tterritory is offered by the respondents is associated with their political interests (12%), a strengthening Russia and the negative attitude towards our country as a whole (8%).