The market of vaccines against coronavirus expects a real battle between manufacturers. This convinced the head of the Russian direct investment Fund (RDIF) Kirill Dmitriev.

“in six months we will have a situation where several countries will have vaccines, and we believe that these countries are UK, Russia, China and the United States. And other countries will decide whom to trust” — the words Dmitrieva Forbes.

He also warned the problem of “political barriers” in the diffusion of technologies around the world and called to be guided primarily by the security people.

“the Political barriers and political prejudices prevent the best use of technology. Let’s first ensure safety, and then engage in politics”, — said the head of CFI.

According to Dmitriev, Russia is negotiating on the supply of vaccines to the middle East, Latin America and Asia. At the same time noted that Western countries refused to Russian technology due to political pressure.

Earlier by order of CFI was developed Russia’s first drug for the treatment of COVID — Aviewer. Now it comes in 35 regions of Russia and Belarus. The Foundation also is working to create a vaccine against coronavirus. However, academician, immunologist Vitaly Zverev said URA.RU that to Refine a vaccine against coronavirus and make it suitable for all, including for people with chronic diseases will be possible only a few years. A vaccine immunologist advises people at risk to treat their chronic diseases.