Although the number of cases of disease with a coronavirus in some countries began to wane, the pandemic still remains one of the main topics in the news agenda. Everyone is interested in whether the doctors soon to find a vaccine against the disease which had turned the usual course of things throughout the world.

The 61-year-old Madonna’s own view on these events. The singer has joined those who think the pandemic is a consequence of the global conspiracy, and shared in his instagram another conspiracy theory.


According to Madonna, the coronavirus vaccine already exists, but its hidden from the people.
the Singer has shared in his instagram video of a group of doctors headed by Dr. Stella Immanuel, which tells that there is already an effective drug that allegedly was used by doctors, and thousands of Americans died in vain (recall that the situation in the US remains one of the most difficult in the world).

the Truth will free us all. But some people do not want to hear it. Especially don’t want to hear those who are in power and gets the most money from these long searches of the vaccine. Vaccines are already available and have been checked a few months ago. They prefer to use fear as a control, provide the rich get richer, and the poor — all the more reason to Peter out. This woman, Stella, my heroine. Thanks to her,

the singer wrote.

Soon the post Madonna has been marked by Instagram as false information, and later it disappeared altogether (removed whether its the singer or the social network is not specified).

Recall that in may, Madonna said that she had coronavirus. Pop diva told me that she had discovered antibodies. She suggested that had an illness during the tour, Madame X at the beginning of the year, when she and several members of her show was flu-like symptoms.

Earlier, Madonna has also spoken out on the topic of the coronavirus, calling it “the great equalizer”. The video, recorded in a bathroom, also caused a stir among network users, and some members condemned the singer, noting that the conditions in which rich and poor are experiencing a pandemic are completely different. The movie eventually was also removed.

Here’s a new post Madonna’s like a little. The singer was criticized for spreading fake information. Comment under the post time to leave and Annie Lennox.

This is crazy. I can’t believe you support this. I believe your page was hacked, and now you speak,

she wrote.