The vacation ended in tragedy: a fourth-grader fell through the ice

In Cherepovets SK brought criminal case upon death of the student. In the district of summer houses under the ice Yagorby failed 10-year-old boy. The rescuers almost immediately pulled the child from the water, but to save him failed.

The school is now the holidays, many adolescents are left to themselves. So, for the security services this time of heightened anxiety. The tragedy occurred on Tuesday, March 24. Fourth grader climbed up on the intake box on the river Yagorba, broke and failed. Friends tried to help him, holding his stick so that he could grab hold of. Later, rescuers found the same stick, but the tragedy could not be avoided.

Near the river the country house and the road, the children called for help. Stopped a passing car and called rescuers. The Director of MBU “Rescue service” Dmitry Sanakoev said: “Almost immediately pulled the boy from under the ice. Gave the staff the ambulance to try to resuscitate, but the child died.”

Known, informs GTRK “Vologda” that boy was raised in a large single-parent family. During the tragedy, his mother was home with the kids. The school assured that the family is prosperous.

currently, investigators are interviewing witnesses, appointed a forensic examination. Note that this is the second death of a child on the water this spring. For the second week in Cherepovets the search continues for the body of 7-year-old boy.

Text: GTRK “Vologda”