The us Senate has approved the allocation of nearly 500 billion on hospitals and salaries

the U.S. Senate unanimously approved the allocation of $484 billion in additional aid for the affected by the coronavirus in the U.S. economy. The total amount of support measures will thus reach the sum of about $3 trillion, reports Reuters.

the New measures included in the program of protection of wages and the law on strengthening of health services. They include the allocation of $321 billion in small business loans, $60 billion for a separate program of emergency lending to small businesses, $75 billion for hospitals and $25 billion for testing for coronavirus. It is expected that the House of representatives will vote for a new package of measures on 23 April, Thursday.

congressional Leaders said that more money for helping small businesses needed once the initial Foundation support of $350 billion is exhausted.

President of the United States Donald trump urged lawmakers to act quickly, and wrote in his Twitter that after the approval of the bill will begin to discuss with the Congress tax benefits for state and local governments.

They have to protect them from loss of income due СOVID-19 and to assist in the costs of infrastructure needed to combat coronavirus and overcome the crisis.

the Bill on a new package of measures will be the fourth major piece of legislation passed to ease the severe economic and personal losses from coronavirus infection. СOVID-19, according to the Agency, killed more than 42,000 Americans and left more than 22 million people without work.