“don’t Flee, if you can, hide, fight with everything you have … and find a second exit.” This warning comes from the US military. It is not about a Mission, but a movie with real potential for Violence.

On Monday a Letter from the Ministry of defence of the USA was around when the FBI, local police and the U.S. military. It says, the FBI did note that “a potential killing spree before standing in a unknown theater in Texas on the day of the Premiere of the film “Joker””. The FBI have observed in various forums on the Darkweb and in social media Chats, in which “unabashedly and very specific” about such an attack was discussed.

“On the day of the Premiere extreme caution”

The US military said, however, that you would be more detailed information as to the persons. They ordered their commanders thus: “you should be aware of the risk for the soldiers and their families aware of, and the soldiers should be extra vigilant, should you want to the Premiere in a cinema visit.”

In another E-Mail members of the military to criticize, that “the character of the Joker from the “Batman”movies will idealized by many”. In particular, the “Incels” – the self-designation of a heterogeneous group of heterosexual white men, are forced to live in celibacy, as a “Loose” feel, and women blame of their Situation.

the Aurora bomber was the Joker

in 2012, James Holmes ran a cinema presentation to “Batman – The Dark Knight Rises” rampage. The massacre in Aurora in the U.S. state of Colorado, 12 people died, 70 were injured. James Holmes gave to the authorities at the time, he did this for the Joker.

In a letter to members of the Aurora massacre turned back to Warner Bros., the film Studio that produced the Film. “Take your responsibilities for the company!” The film Studio said: “We have not to glorify the violence or the character. At the same time, Warner Bros. believes that stories also have a function: you need to stimulate critical discussions.” The policy in the USA should tighten the arms act, said the film Studio.

a VIEW has seen the “Joker” already, and keeps the transformation of Joaquin Phoenix for the Joker for “comprehensible, realistic and scary”. (spr)