The US market: reporting a viral Amazon brightened the mood on Wall Street

Moscow, 31 Jan – “News.Economy.” Futures on American indexes are slightly in front of the opening pyatnitskogo. A number of companies are steadily growing in price, having reported better than expectations, in particular heavy Amazon. Investors concerned about the spread of the coronavirus in China. The who declared an international state of emergency, but noted the high readiness of China to fight the virus, and is not recommended to impose restrictions on travel and trade with China.


the Lead of Amazon, the largest online retailer United States, adding to Senapati 11% after posting strong statements. The capitalization of the company has nevprawima $1 trillion. Net sales increased by 21% to $87,44 billion вIV quarter, beating estimates of $86,02 billion, Net profit increased by 8% to $3.3 billion, earnings per share amounted to $6,47 against the expected $4,04.Caterpillar (-0,7%) reported a decline in quarterly revenue by 8.4% on ToneLabSE demand for products number of units, while pornospiele for 2020 was worse than analysts ‘ expectations.

Exxon Mobil (-0,5%) reported a decline in fourth quarter net profit by 5.2%. Catapresan for the three months ended December 31 fell to $5,69 billion, or$1,33 per share from $6 billion, or $1,41 per share, a year earlier.IBM shares grow by 3.8% following the appointment of a new CEO.


the Published statistics has appeared slightly worse expectations. Personal dohodiv December rose 0.2%, down from the forecast of 0.3%. Expenses as intended increased by 0.3%. The inflation rate for PCE Core, the fed motoroleriu to have accelerated to + 0.2% on month vs прогнозных0,2%. Weak data out of Eurozone GDP for the fourth quarter, which parasanitary increase of 0.1%, while the expected 0.2%.


Spreading the coronavirus led to the death of more than 200 people in China and infected thousands of people in allm the world, violating epoccipitals and limiting the movement of people. Fitch said that sohranilas growth of China’s GDP at the level of 5.9% for 2020, but said that due to viruson may be reduced to 5.4%.

the Market is overheated

the technical pattern of minifilters on the S&P 500 we are seeing rasprostranennosti. The price was closer to the 200–day moving average, octoroi previously gets the highest in two years amount. Now eupithecia to break down from a three-month rising channel. Problemiskumo Monday may impart acceleration benchmarks for 3170 3090 continue

Schedule of futures S&P 500-mini, timeframe day

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