The Commerce Department amended the export regulations in order to restrict the possibility of the Chinese company Huawei Technologies to semiconductor manufacturers in the world. China in response said that will make the American company in the list of unreliable entities, will start against them of the investigation, impose restrictions, for example, Apple, Cisco and Qualcomm will postpone the purchase of Boeing aircraft.Bureau of industry and security U.S. Department of Commerce announced the intention to restrict the ability of the company Huawei Technologies to use American technology and for the development and production of their semiconductors. As noted in the statement of the Ministry, it amends export regulations to protect U.S. national security.If the amendments are approved, foreign companies operating on American equipment for the production of chips, will have to obtain permission from the USA for the supply of Huawei or its units of specific products.For Huawei, which is the second largest producer in the world of smartphones, this is a serious blow. Writes Pro-government newspaper Global Times, citing a source close to the Chinese government, the Chinese authorities have already prepared a response. “China will take a massive response to protect its legal rights,”— said the source publication. Among the possible measures is called:Besides, the source added, China can withdraw from the purchase of Boeing aircraft. The publication stressed that all the above-mentioned American companies “are very dependent on the Chinese market.”Alena Miklashevskaya