The US has complicated the issuance of visas for travel to work abroad Russians

great Britain, Canada and the United States complicate the issuance of visas for Russians traveling on business trips to Russian institutions abroad for ordinary passports. This situation leads to the violation of terms of government contracts, and sometimes compromises the normal functioning of the Russian diplomatic missions, said the state Secretary, Deputy foreign Minister of Russia Yevgeny Ivanov.

He presented on 11 February in the Duma, the government draft law on the issuance of official passports to the employees of those organizations that are engaged in the management of Russian property abroad, reports TASS. Ivanov stressed that the urgent need for such passports are experiencing units of the Russian Ministry of foreign Affairs – Department of special communications, security Department, and a number of other staff are regularly sent on business trips abroad.

One example is the work of the Russian Embassy in Washington. There were imported equipment for an internal network. But to establish it and to establish the work was not possible: Americans, knowing the purpose of the visit computer geeks, just not issued the visas to the experts.

If the new bill is passed, the Minister will be able to send to the American Embassy a note and get the business visa.

Computer scientists in the UK, Poland and France are already getting official passports in such situations. At the same time Moscow has simplified visa regime with Costa Rica, Turkey and China.