Federal emergency management Agency (FEMA), the U.S. ordered 100 thousand body bags in the event of the continuation of the pandemic.

According to The Wall Street Journal, an order worth $5.1 million was placed April 21. The supplier selected a small company in California that had to deliver the order by may 4.

FEMA based on modeling the worst-case scenario initiated a significant number of contract procurement to increase the available reserves, — quotes the edition of the message of the Agency.

Wrote in accordance with the requirements of the authorities, died from COVID-19 must be buried in a closed coffin, but to approach them only in protective suits, as the virus can survive on clothing and skin for up to three days. In addition, in many countries there is a ban on Assembly of more than 10 people, therefore, violated the tradition of mass farewell ceremonies with dozens of guests.

Due to new health regulations funeral homes in the best case allow up to farewell the dead from COVID-19 only next of kin. In the worst — body sent to the grave directly from hospital beds.