the Administration of Donald trump abolished the recently introduced rules allowing you to withdraw the visa in the country of foreign students in if their training was transferred to the online format because of the pandemic coronavirus. On Tuesday, July 14, told a Federal judge Allison Burroughs.

the Controversial decision taken last week by the Immigration and customs police United States (ICE), has caused outrage among students and teachers of higher educational institutions.

moreover, it has also led to a series of lawsuits, the initiators of which were the Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of technology. Later their example was followed by number of high schools from 17 U.S. States, the newspaper the Hill.

Representatives of higher education institutions argued that the terms of Immigration and customs enforcement, apparently, was intended to “force universities to resume full-time employment”, increasing the risk of infection with the new coronavirus type and thereby “destroying the lives of foreign students.”

moreover, universities have accused the administration trump committing a number of violations of the Federal administrative procedure Act (APA), under which certain powers of decision-making belong to the Federal agencies. It was about whether new ICE policy is legally valid or whether it was “arbitrary and capricious” and therefore unlawful.

a Federal judge in Boston Alison burrows, made an unexpected statement at the beginning of the trial on this matter on Tuesday, July 14.

“I was informed by the parties that they came to a common decision, said burrows. They will return to the status quo.”

According to her, the administration will follow the policy in effect in March 2020, which provided “greater flexibility” for students of higher educational institutions.

the source familiar with the matter, told CNN that the White house is now focused on getting the new rule applies only to new students and not to students who are already in the United States.

the plan of the government in his statement was praised by the President of mit Leo Rafael Reif.

“This case also clearly showed what is at stake is real life, with real potential damage, he said. – We must approach the development of policies, especially now, with greater humanity, greater integrity, not less.”

President rice University David LeBron, speaking on CNN, said that he was “delighted” from the decision to cancel the plan of the US administration, adding: “We thought that the original rules that was proposed, was cruel and wrong and did not serve our�� universities, has not served our students and, frankly, have not served our country.”

To the possibility of a sudden departure from the United States or transfer to other universities, studying and foreign students.

Shreya Tussu studying molecular biology, told CNN last week that due to a sudden policy change her life to this already stressful time – “become a mess”. A graduate of the University of California and President of the International student Association, called the cancellation of the decision on cancellation of visas real “relief”.

the Girl said that at first did not even believe my eyes when on Tuesday afternoon I saw the news on Facebook. She immediately began writing to friends, trying to figure out what happened.

“I was just hoping that it’s true,’ said Tuss. The last two days have been very intense. The University sends e-mails, but does not give any information, and it sounds really awful. Many of us were very uptight, so it’s really good.”

the representatives of immigration and customs enforcement, the U.S. announced last week that foreign students with visa types F1 and M1 will not be able to stay in the country if the fall of their classes in schools will be held exclusively in an online format. They had to leave the United States or to change the University in order to be able to visit it in person. Failure to comply with the new rules, the students were threatened with deportation.