The American aerospace Corporation Boeing will deliver Saudi Arabia 650 cruise missiles of air basing (krwb) SLAM-ER (Stand-off Land Attack Missile – Expanded Response) and 402 anti-ship missiles (ASM) Harpoon (“Harpoon”) in the modification Block II, announced the Pentagon.

The US defense Department announced that Boeing signed a contract totaling 1,971 billion dollars to carry out works on modernization krvb SLAM ER and the supply 650 new missiles to Saudi Arabia, reports TASS.

“it is Expected that the agreement will be completed by December 2028”, – stated in the document.

The Ministry clarified that the contract is carried out according to the program of supply of military equipment to foreign customers FMS (Foreign Military Sales). Launch range krvb SLAM ER is approximately 270 km.

Delivery to Riyadh 402 RCC Harpoon Block II will be conducted under a separate contract with Boeing for the sum of 656,98 million dollars. Missiles of this type will be delivered to Saudi Arabia, and Brazil (four units), Thailand (eight units) and Qatar (53 units). The range of the ashm Harpoon Block II is about 125 km away.