The US Embassy said the number of those who left Russian exchange students

Moscow. April 14. INTERFAX.RU — U.S. authorities are working on a speedy repatriation of Russian students remaining in the United States under exchange programs. We are talking about 51 person, have informed “Interfax” on Tuesday in Embassy of the USA in Russia.

“the US state Department is working to ensure that all foreign nationals currently in the United States had access to accurate and timely information to enable them to return to their country if they so wish. As of April 6, 51 schoolboy from Russia remains in the United States in the framework of programmes sponsored by the private sector,” — said press-Secretary us Embassy Rebecca Ross.

“We understand that some of these students expressed a desire to return to Russia and (this issue solved — if) directly through sponsors,” she said.

She said: “Although the State Department does not Fund these programs, and no grants for the participants, as well as sponsor visits and does not supply participants with grants, but does not cover road costs and does not provide any another bailout from the US government, we will continue to offer support and help.”

Ross also said that the American Embassy informed the foreign Ministry on this issue.