The us Congress insist on negotiations with Russia on the start Treaty

With the demand for President Donald Trump on the opening of negotiations with Russia on the Treaty on the limitation of strategic offensive arms (start) was made by the U.S. Congress, representing the Democratic party.

U.S. legislators called on the President of the United States Donald trump to negotiate with the Russian leader Vladimir Putin on the extension of the start-3 for five years. This is stated in a joint statement released by the congressmen, reports TASS.

As they said, to trump it’s time to listen to reason and American allies, recognized by the Treaty the stronghold of security. According to representatives of the democratic party, the contract for almost decades kept Russian nuclear forces and ensure a reliable and detailed verification regime.

the fact that Washington deliberately destroys the foundations of arms control, Moscow has understood for a long time. In 2001, the US withdrew from the ABM Treaty and under the pretext of an Iranian threat put position missiles in Poland and Romania.

To exit from the Treaty on the limitation of intermediate-range and shorter-range prepared more carefully in order to preserve the reputation and loyalty of partners, and came up with a reason -“Russian rocket,” which allegedly violated the terms of the document. After the US immediately tested the ground version of Tomahawk cruise missiles, which forbade agreement

the validity of the start-3 Treaty expires on 5 February 2021, Russia has repeatedly offered to Washington to begin negotiations on its extension. According to the Russian President, if you will not start-3, then the arms race is nothing to restrain.