The U.S. Department of transportation commented on the possibility of Russian air carriers to establish a regular air service.

The official representative of the Ministry said that Russia may resume regular flights subject to the condition, which is that airlines must provide a month notice to schedule flights.

The U.S. Department of transportation took no action to limit the activities of Russian air carriers

with the exception of the requirements of this decree (about the 30-day notice —, nothing prevents Russian air carriers to operate in the United States, provided that the flights will be operated in accordance with the air transport agreement between the United States and Russia have led the Agency to TASS.

Earlier, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that Russia will open the borders with other countries on the principle of reciprocity, these issues are discussed, but no concrete solutions yet.

The Director of the Fourth European Department of the MFA of Russia Yuri Philipson reported that the mode of entry to Turkey will vary depending on the stabilization of epidemiological situation. He added that the restrictions apply only to in-country visit with the purpose of tourism. Now allowed to travel to Turkey to care for a close relative, treatment or business purposes — for education and work, wrote the company informed.