Management ethics under the government of the USA has published an annual financial statement containing data on incomes of the President of Donald trump for 2019. The document in which 78 pages, was released Friday evening.

last year, the White house earned 21.4 million dollars thanks to his resort Mar-a-Lago in Florida, hotel in Washington brought 40.5 million, profit from resort Trump National Doral Miami amounted to 77.2 million, and from the Golf club in Bedminster, new Jersey – 17.7 million. Just, as estimated by The Wall Street Journal, the income of the trump in 2019 amounted to no less than 446 million dollars, writes TASS.

Even before the inauguration of the President, trump said that he left all the posts belonging to the company the Trump Organization. However, he did not get rid of their companies. According to lawyers, this would mean their sale for a pittance to the detriment of the family.

After winning the election, trump refused to pay the President, which is 400 thousand dollars a year. However, by law it must be paid. Then, the White house announced that it would give the money to various charities. The salary for the first quarter of this year, the President enumerated to the development of drugs to combat coronavirus.