Monday, June 29, the pilots of the Federal office of civil aviation USA (FAA) and Boeing needs to start test flights of aircraft 737 MAX, needed to permit the resumption of flights, writes Reuters, citing sources. It is reported that FAA has completed the process of assessing security of the plane, the administration said in a letter Sunday to the U.S. Congress.Beginning test flights could be a turning point in the situation around the 737 MAX is expected that its flights will be resumed before the end of the year. We will remind, operation of these planes was suspended in March last year after two accidents involving the 737 MAX. Subsequently, the timing of his return flight had been repeatedly postponed — in of the aircraft found serious deficiencies, Boeing had to correct them, and the regulators have tested these updates. At the end of may, Boeing announced the resumption of production of the 737 MAX, which was suspended in January, when the resumption of its operation over and over again postponed.Although test flights of the aircraft will begin already now, the FAA notes that it has not yet made a decision on the return of the 737 MAX in operation and still needed some validation that will take several months. This test will last for several days and “will include a wide range of flight maneuvers and emergency situations, which should give management the opportunity to assess whether changes to the certification standards of the FAA”.Yana Christmas