The US air force fired on Iraqi militia base on the border with Syria

the U.S. air force bombed a base of the Iraqi militia, “al-Hashd al-SHAABI” in the village of al-Huraa Anbar province on the border of Iraq with Syria. This was reported by Sky News Arabia.

According to the state TV channel Ikhbariya Syria, currently the aircraft of “unidentified nationality” shelling Syrian territory to the South-East of the border checkpoint “al-Bukamal”. Material damage. It is not specified whether we are talking about one or two different attacks.

Wednesday, March 11, a military base “al-Taji” in Iraq, where forces of the international coalition to combat “Islamic state” (ISIS banned in Russia), led by the United States, came under rocket attack. At 19:35 local time (coincides with Moscow time) more than 15 small missiles hit the base. Iraqi security forces found the launcher with the three remaining missiles in it.

as a result of a rocket attack on the base “al-Taji” killed three soldiers of the coalition. According to media reports, among the victims were two British and one American. Another 12 people were injured during the attack.

Only the database was released 18 rockets. Homemade launcher was on the truck a few kilometers from the base, RIA Novosti reported.