The US administration is discussing a plan to overthrow Maduro

administration officials trump again discuss the plan for the overthrow of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela, trying to convince people of his ruling party to rebel against him and go for an agreement on power-sharing with the Venezuelan opposition, according to Bloomberg.

This will be the second U.S. attempt to overthrow Maduro, after an unsuccessful attempt last year. This time, however, officials in the administration trump believe that they have a better chance. The US stepped up pressure on Venezuela over the past year, more stringent sanctions against the regime, sending them against his main and only source of income in hard currency, oil exports.

Campaign for maximum pressure against Maduro continues. This month the United States warned the company having business with Venezuela, including Reliance, Rosneft and Chevron, “carefully to carry out their actions in Venezuela,” because there will be introduced additional sanctions against the regime of Maduro.

Then this week, the U.S. imposed sanctions on the Geneva-trading unit to Russian oil giant “Rosneft”, stating that the company “Rosneft trading” helps the Maduro regime to avoid sanctions and continue to sell oil.

During a recent visit to the United States of opposition leader Juan Guido senior U.S. officials have discussed the idea of agreement on power-sharing with members or supporters of Maduro, announced in Vloomberg.

Guido — the legitimate President of Venezuela according to the United States and many other Western countries. The US is trying to overthrow Maduro and Venezuela held fair elections.

But according to sources Bloomberg, some U.S. officials prefer not to include people close to Maduro, to the agreement on the division of power. At the moment it is unclear whether the reported American officials are considering an agreement on the division of power, the President of the United States Donald Trump about these plans.