the Unnatural poses of the models, demonstrating the production of mass-marketolog brand Zara, puzzled buyers of the brand. The photos and comments to them drew the attention of the journalists of the Daily Mail.

So, one of the staff placed the mannequin posed, standing on the stove in a black dress with print and lime green sandals. Another was photographed sitting on the top shelves in an orange suit.

Another model is imprinted in the pool under water, and Arganaraz Mika (Mica Arganaraz) showed jeans with a high waist, which are on sale in Zara for 2999 rubles: in the photo she lies on her stomach, tucked her knees to her chest.

the posture of the models has caused confusion among network users, and they expressed their opinion on Twitter. “Zara, and the girl definitely advertising high heel shoes on the stove?”, “Yes, when buying a suit I always think, if I can get it on the bookcase”, “Website Zara is the most ridiculous thing in the world”, “I think models are promoting things so that they were not visible,” they wrote.

In April, users were puzzled by the pose model of a different brand. Ambassador Fashion Nova Gina savage (Gina Savage) demonstrated bodycon dress in neon colors, with his hands against the floor and prognuv back. “Look at this picture, and I’m starting to ache”, “does it Have organs?” commented buyers in social networks.

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