There is an awakening going on in the current environments. Many are keen to get back to the kven culture, and when is the language the most important thing, ” says Olsen.

it also makes It easier for the UiT Norway’s arctic university to bet on kven.

– We have some partners out in the current språksentrene and it’s a work we’re at now, ” she says.

And it is needed for there is a great shortage of current teachers. Monday told NRK about Manndalen school which has been a temporary solution with a teacher in kven from Alaska, Todd Nolen. He is finsklærer and has come in as a by angel.

Mastertorg without the kven

Recently there was a so-called Mastertorg in the Department of teacher education and pedagogy, the university’s department of Melloveien in Tromsø. Here, the municipalities the opportunity to present themselves looking for the potential lærestudenter that can come in practice and maybe get a job as a teacher.

Odd Arne Thunberg, head of department for the Department of teacher education and pedagogy, the principal Moan, school Tonje Holm and teacher Sally Olaussen on Mastertorg at the University.

Photo: Laila Lanes / NRK

But kven was not a theme in some of the municipalities. The principal of the Moan school in Nordreisa, Tonje Holm, says they have current students, but they got into teaching in the kven after a year of exploration.

Among the students is that not many think of taking kven. But one of them is not completely clear for the idea, Marlene Rendal.

I have just written exam about indigenous people day other ethnicities, and … yes, definitely, could be seen on it, ” she says.

Last fall, started the University with kven as a part of grunnskolelærerutdanninga. Through this one can take 15+15+30 credits in kven over three years. No one applied for the study.

But three ferdigutdanna teachers started with training in current topics, a study in the year is added to Børselv of practical reasons.

Many students at the teacher training does not see for himself that they must take kven, it comes from the ve. Fredrik Berger, Paul Nordaune, and Jonas, Mo. But Marlene Rendal is not clear as the thought.

Photo: Laila Lanes / NRK

Also, it is possible to take studies in kven at the university campus in Tromsø, where one can take both the master and the bachelor.

Calls for stipendordning

But many call for better scholarship programs to get more teachers in the language. The principal Bård Gunnar Hansen at Manndalen school is one of them.

– I believe in scholarships, and that education must be made more attractive to get more to take the course, ” he says.

It is a little unclear what other measures that apply, nor does the dean Sonni Olsen have completely overview.

– We have no scholarship programs as far as I know that is directed towards the kven, but I have thought that we should go in a dialogue with the county about, ” says Olsen.

But it is among other things possible to be forgiven student loans if one takes the kven and the sami.

Read more on Lånekassens website Future project gave the universities in lule sámi

In the Nordland has a commitment to get more teachers in the lule and south sámi, two languages, like kven is utryddingstrua, given good results.

the Dean Sonni Olsen at the UiT Norway’s arctic university’s campus in Alta say they are ready to bet on the education of current teachers. – The time is ripe now, ” she says.

Photo: Jørn Inge Johansen / NRK

the general condition was precarious, especially for the lule sami befolk legislation. Therefore went Nordland county council and the sami Parliament with, among other things, grant of nok 200 000 to the students who would become teachers in lule sámi.

Through the project was to get 15 new teachers in sámi within five years. It has been very success, writes project manager Kevin Johansen in a report.

In an e-mail he writes: “The updated figures are, however, four candidates make south sámi teacher training, five candidates taking the lule sámi teacher training. In addition, the eight candidates inside a siderekrutteringsløp to be lule sami teachers (already trained teachers who qualify to get undervisningskompetanse in lule sámi.) We also have some more waiting to get into the scheme so for lule sámi we will probably reach the goal of 15 new teachers within five years.”

the Leader in the Norske Kveners Society/Ruija Kveeniliitto, Hilja Huru, will have a similar focus on kven.

It seems like a good measures that have had a good effect. And lærermangelen for kven is just as great, if not greater. So it is something that you should consider in order to get more current teachers, ” she says.

Kommunalsjef for education in Kåfjord, Elisabeth Gulbrandsen, applaud this scheme.

– It sounds fantastic so you should certainly look at such a scheme here, too, ” she says.

In Kåfjord, they have struggled to get hold of teachers in kven, and kommunalsjef Elisabeth Gulbrandsen and principal of Manndalen school, Bård Gunnar Hansen, also calls for other measures.

Photo: Laila Lanes / NRK Should be carried out also in Troms and Finnmark

Sonni Olsen says that this is something they certainly should.

I think there may be an opportunity to do it. We want to go in a dialogue with the county and with the school owners in order to identify relevant applicants to the study and offering them scholarships.

She says it is important to get the municipalities, as school owners on the team.

– It is important that we stand together on this, it is the municipalities who know the problem on the body, it is they who will receive the demand and it is in the municipalities, we can retrieve the appropriate applicants, ” she says.