The US would be obligated to respond to Russia, if the information about its collusion with the banned in Russia by the Taliban is confirmed. This retired General John Nicholson said The Washington Post.

On 26 June, as reported by “the Rambler”, the New York Times reported that the Main Directorate of the General staff of the Russian Armed forces (GRU) to pay members of the Taliban for killing American soldiers in Afghanistan.

Today Nicholson, the commander of international forces under the leadership of the US and NATO in Afghanistan in 2016-2018, said that Russia has cooperated with the Taliban earlier, for example, gave them money and supplying small arms and ammunition.

The retired General expressed confidence that if the new information is confirmed, the United States should respond to Russia clearly and unambiguously to condemn her actions and to suspend the withdrawal of its troops from Germany and Afghanistan.

On June 29 US President Donald trump said that the intelligence got information The New York Times is not credible. He called the publication of a fake, the purpose of which was to put in a bad light, the Republican party of the United States.