Over 10,000 people in the UNITED states infected with the coronavirus have lost their lives.

It shows a statement from the Johns Hopkins University on Monday night.

In total there 10.335 coronarelaterede deaths in the country.

the UNITED states is the third country in the world to pass the 10,000 deaths. The other two countries are Italy and Spain.

Italy has so far found 16.523 coronadødsfald, while the figure for Spain is 13.169.

the UNITED states is the country in the world where there is confirmed clearly the most smittetilfælde. 347.003 people are confirmed infected.

It is more than Spain and Italy combined, which are respectively the second and tredjeflest smittetilfælde in the world.

most of the deaths in the UNITED states are registered in the state of New York, who are struggling to keep up with the rapid spread of infection.

Health care is the pressure, and there are reports about lack of protection as well as respirators.