With 1169 registered died of coronavirus in 24 hours puts the UNITED states a sad record for the second day in a row.

the UNITED states detects 1169 deaths as a result of coronavirus in just 24 hours.

It shows a statement from the Johns Hopkins University on the night of Friday Danish time.

The 1169 is the highest number of registered deaths on a single day in the country so far. The figure includes the development of at 02.30 the night of Thursday local time pm to 02.30 the night to Friday Danish time.

this is The third day in a row that the UNITED states registers over 800 deaths.

Thursday was 884 persons recorded dead, which was the highest number at that time. The 1169 deaths is an increase of 32 percent from Thursday.

The 1169 deaths are at the same time, the highest number that has been recorded in 24 hours worldwide.

The sad record belonged to former Italy, on 27. march registered 969 died with the virus in the course of a day.

In total, over 6000 now dead with coronavirusset in the UNITED states, more accurately, 6053, according to Johns Hopkins University at 07.20 utc.

Over 245.000 has been recorded as infected, while over 9000 of them is reported as healthy again. This is an increase of more than 30,000 infected at 24 hours.

worldwide, over 53,000 people died.

Italy is the worst hit, with over 13,000 deaths, while Spain is number two with over 10,000 dead. This is followed by the UNITED states.

In China, where the virus broke out in december, is over 3300 registered as dead. The media, as well as u.s. efterretningsmyndigheder believe, however, that the numbers in China might be higher. Meanwhile, China has rejected accusations of lack of transparency.

At the global level is over a million people have been registered as infected. Here, however, there must be included a large mørketal, since many countries have different testing strategies.

IN the UNITED states is the worst in the megapolis of New York City, which has recorded over 1500 deaths and over 50,000 registered smittetilfælde.

US vice-president, Mike Pence, said on Thursday local time at a press conference at The White House in Washington, D. C., to more than 1.3 million tests for the corona virus is carried out in the country.

the UNITED states government has stated that it expects between 100,000 and 200,000 deaths as a result of coronavirusset.