The United States recognized the presence in Ukraine of secret biological laboratories

In a three-page request included a request to justify the desirability of such laboratories, which the current regime of complete isolation from the public controls the Pentagon. The request States that during the work of American laboratories in Ukraine from time to time outbreaks occurred is unknown and a variety of diseases that led to deadly outcomes. Deputies of the Verkhovna Rada claimed that laboratories periodically for one reason or another, leaking strains of viruses.

what kind Of specific deaths is it? The document States that 11 years ago in Ternopil arose the virus of unknown origin that caused hemorrhagic pneumonia: 450 killed Ukrainians. In 2011 in Ukraine there was an outbreak of cholera, 33 people died in 2014, cholera has infected about 800 Ukrainians. In January 2016, in Kharkov, 20 soldiers died from the flu-like virus, more than 200 people were hospitalized. Two months later, the country had recorded 364 deaths. According to deputies, the cause of all these deaths was the swine flu the same flu strain, which has led to a global pandemic in 2009.

In the request it is noted that the laboratory work was started in August 2005 when President Yushchenko stopped when Yanukovych and resumed when Poroshenko. The idea of the necessity of intensification of activities of such laboratories on the territory of Ukraine is actively lobbying the Minister of health of Ukraine from 2016 to 2019 Suprun.

the deputies called an absolutely astronomical amount of $ 2.1 billion that was allocated by Washington to “biological experiments” around the world. This amount is credited to the account of the American “Agency to reduce security threats”, which in turn deals with the allocation of funds for the project in Ukraine. In this activity joined by “Scientific and technical center in Ukraine” – an international NGO established in 1993 which is funded by the American authorities, and whose officers have diplomatic immunity, which is an exception in international law. “The organization is engaged in the financing of projects to create weapons of mass destruction” – wrote the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada. In addition to the Ukraine and the United States, are the European Union, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Uzbekistan.

In the administration Zelensky ignored this request, but Americans prefer to play in advance, trying to convince the Ukrainian public opinion that the work of the laboratories is for research purposes only, and is peaceful. In the Embassy did not fail once again to seek the “hand of Moscow”, stating that the information and��proposed in the request are “Russian disinformation”. “Our joint efforts help to ensure that dangerous pathogens falling into the wrong hands. We are proud to be working with the Ministry of health, state service of Ukraine on issues of food safety and consumer protection, the National Academy of agrarian Sciences and the Ministry of defence,” said American diplomats have not obmolvilas that the project is under the full patronage of the Pentagon.

according to “the Country”, the United States has more than 400 bacteriological laboratories worldwide, including at least 15 in Ukraine. Three of them are located in Lviv and near Kiev, the other located in Odessa, Vinnitsa, Uzhgorod, Kherson, Ternopil and the territories controlled by Kiev, in the immediate vicinity of the Crimea and Lugansk. Some of them got their experiences from 1 to 2 million dollars. The journalists managed to get access to the archive of the Department of state’s website and find out details of the agreement between Ukraine and the USA signed on 29 August 2005. The agreement was signed by the Ministry of defense and the Ministry of health of Ukraine. In accordance with the agreement, Kiev has pledged to send to the Pentagon copies of dangerous pathogens, which will appear in the studies of Ukrainian laboratories. The Ukrainian side was to maintain its secrecy, and in any case not to publicize their activities, not to respond to any requests of politicians and the public. Finally, laboratories are obliged to “minimize the number of people to the information with limited access”. According to the Odessa journalist Yuri Tkachev, these studies can be called research dual purpose: on the one hand, they are really important from the point of view of threat assessment of the spread of a disease and develop recommendations for combating them. “On the other – the results of the study can be used to develop biological weapons for use in a particular region,” – said Tkachev.

Recall that in 2018, Igor Giorgadze, a former Georgian state security Minister, at a press conference in Moscow presented a series of documentaries about activities in Georgia, American laboratory Lugar, outrageous. The center is named in honor of the well-known Russophobe Senator Richard Lugar from Indiana, who died last year. Giorgadze said that the object was fully funded by the USA, and the ownership of Georgia it was only a cover. This secret unit, supervised by the Pentagon, with the assistance of the then President of Georgia, Saakashvili, was based at Tbilisi in the Georgian village of Alekseyevka allegedly Cfirs of struggle that gripped this country the epidemic of hepatitis “C”. Rumors about experiments on people, which set an American lab, and the mysterious deaths of the local population went from the beginning of 2010 years.

Giorgadze have presented to the public a series of confidential materials about the activities of the laboratory, testified about the “death without cause” among the local population, which supposedly was done injection drugs “Harvale” and “Savalgi”, produced by the American firm “Gilead”. The sources of the ex-Minister was able to produce documents showing 181 death of a person in the course of vaccine trials, with 20 dead and was buried without an autopsy and the conclusions of forensic scientists. The head of the troops of radiation, chemical and biological protection of the armed forces of the Russian Federation Igor Kirillov said at the time that this center under the treatment of hepatitis “C” on local residents tested toxic chemical drug. Giorgadze appealed to President Trump, 108 human rights and humanitarian organizations in the West. And no one of the instances received no response.