Against Russia imposed too many sanctions, because of which new purposes for them is almost gone, acknowledged adviser to the President for national security Robert O'Brien in an interview with CBS.

According to him, none of previous White house administrations "have not been tougher with Russia than the current", because during the period of trump in the oval office, the US imposed restrictions on hundreds of Russian organizations and individuals.

"We almost left against whom to impose sanctions in Russia… We are a hell of a lot introduced sanctions against Russia – individuals, companies, government. Russian already are not many left (possibilities for sanctions), but we continue to send signals," he was quoted as saying "Radio Sputnik".

Speaking about interference in American elections, O'’brien reiterated that the US was aware of the attempts of some countries to influence them. He noted that in the case that Washington will fix the attempts of the new intervention in the electoral process from abroad, the authorities will take drastic measures, "regardless of, China, Russia or Iran".

"regardless of whether their leaders President trump or Joe Biden is of no importance", – said the adviser to the President of the United States.