The United States Ambassador in Georgia Kelly Degnan said Friday that Russia “is hardly reconciled with the fact that her neighbor, Georgia has a history of success.” This is the correspondent of the newspaper LOOK in Tbilisi.

As reported by TV company “Imedi”, the Ambassador believes that that is why Russia is “trying to undermine the progress achieved by Georgia”.

“the United States in different directions for almost 30 years, working with Georgia. Public opinion in Georgia during this time, a growing respect for the role of Russia as a destabilizing”, – said the diplomat.

“Georgia has made much progress in health, education, security, economic and democratic development. It is a success,” said Kelly Degnan.

In 2019, the relations between Moscow and Tbilisi escalated after the head of the Russian delegation Sergey Gavrilov in the Parliament of Georgia took the chair.

Taking advantage of the discontent, the opposition leaders led the radicals to storm, police had used rubber bullets, tear gas and water cannons. Affected about 240 people, including 80 police officers. The Prosecutor General’s office described the events as a coup attempt.

Amid anti-Russian protests in Georgia, President Vladimir Putin signed a decree banning flights between the countries.