The United States recognizes the long-term strategic competition with China, but Washington is open for constructive interaction and cooperation with Beijing in the common interests. This is stated in the published US administration report.

The report “a Strategic U.S. approach to China” was presented by the White house administration to members of Congress. It outlines a nationwide approach of America to China in the framework of the national security Strategy.

It clarifies the RIA Novosti, the approach of States to cooperate with China involves the achievement of two goals. First, the increased resilience of American institutions, alliances and partnerships to meet challenges from China, and, secondly, forcing China to cease actions that harm the vital interests of the United States. However, the report stresses that the United States welcomes cooperation with China and count on a fair competition.

the United States recognize the long-term strategic competition between our two systems. The government will continue to protect American interests and extend American influence, as stated in the document.

Earlier, U.S. President Donald trump said that his attitude to the trade agreement with China is changing not for the better. To reconsider the relation to the deal made him the coronavirus pandemic. The American leader didn’t like how the Chinese authorities solved the problem with the disease. The White house called the agreement with China “one of the largest in history”, especially because China buys a large quantity of American goods.