the Pentagon is the concept of “the constant presence of the bombers” has moved to “dynamic strength”, wrote “the Star.” According to the weekly now instead of the constant presence of military bases of the us strategic aircraft begins to fly in a “tactical chaos”.

as an example of a similar approach publication called the recent flights of American strategic bombers to the borders of Russia, who “ironed” the airspace in the vicinity of Kamchatka, where raspolagetsya shock submarine forces Pacific fleet, including strategic missile submarines.

“it is Clear that in a real combat situation no one would allow American pilots to even come close to our shores. But, as history shows, the war begins, and without warning, without formal delivery of notes through diplomatic channels,” the paper concludes.

In July, the newspaper “Izvestia”, citing sources in the Russian defense Ministry and the military-industrial complex, reported that Air and space forces of the country will get a second production aircraft of distant radar detection A-100 “Premier”.

In August 2019 Pacific fleet of the Navy of Russia on the base in Vilyuchinsk (Kamchatka) worked hidden the withdrawal of nuclear submarines of project 671 and 949A.