The United States accused four Chinese hackers in hacking Equifax

the U.S. Department of justice has charged four members of the people’s liberation army of China accused of hacking into the credit bureaus Equifax, and identity theft nearly 150 million Americans. Attorney General William Barr has threatened the government of China that the US can compute the permanent in terms of anonymity of the Internet hackers.

Hacking Equifax is one of the largest hacker attacks. The credit bureaus agreed to pay up to $ 700 million to settle claims of regulators and customers associated with large-scale breach of cybersecurity.

According to the announcement of the Ministry of justice on Monday, four Chinese officers allegedly compromised the Equifax servers using a vulnerability of Apache servers, having the names, dates of birth and social security numbers of nearly 145 million customers, or about half of the population.

the Indictment was brought against At Jiun, Wang Qian, Xu Ke, Liu lei. According to the Ministry of justice, four Chinese nationals involved in hacking, worked in one of the research institutes of the people’s liberation army of China.

“It was deliberate and large-scale intrusion into the private lives of the American people. Unfortunately, hacking Equifax illustrates the disturbing and unacceptable practice of state-sponsored computer attacks and theft undertaken by China,” said Barr in a statement.

the indictment also alleges that the hackers stole trade secrets and intellectual property from Equifax. According to Barra, the hackers took a lot of effort to hide his identity, redirecting traffic using 34 servers located in 20 countries.

“in Short, it was organized and surprisingly brazen theft of confidential information, almost half of all Americans, and intellectual property American company is a perfect unit of the Chinese militarynnyh”, — concluded the Prosecutor.

Senator mark Warner (Mark Warner), a Democrat from Virginia and co-chair of the faction on cybersecurity in the Senate, in his statement, praised the indictment of the Ministry of justice, but also stated that Equifax is responsible for strengthening its cyber security to prevent such violations. Warner, along with Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts has introduced a bill about the accountability of credit reporting agencies over leak of customer data.