The United States accused China of concealing information about the beginning of the epidemic of the coronavirus

the head of the U.S. Department of state Mike Pompeo accused China that it could not prevent the outbreak of coronavirus, reports CNBC.

Pompeo noted that the actions of the Chinese authorities soon stopped the efforts for the prevention of disease.

“the Information we received at the beginning of this thing (outbreaks) was not ideal and led us to the point where most of the problems that we face today, has us stumped,” said Pompeo.

According to him, infectious disease physicians USA work differently, they work transparently and openly, so must be exchange of information.

Pompeo said he was “incredibly frustrating” to work with the Chinese government over the acquisition of data on the coronavirus, “which ultimately will become the solution to how to obtain the vaccine and to reduce this risk.”

the Number of infected with coronavirus has increased to more than 95 thousand people with more than 3,200 deaths. The vast majority of cases of infection continues to be observed in China, where the virus emerged in December.

the death toll from the coronavirus in the US has risen to 12 and across the country registered more than 225 cases. The greatest number of cases was noted in California and Washington.