The United Kingdom proposed the self as a struggle with COVID-19

At a press conference, designed to dot the ” i “in scenarios of future actions, the Prime Minister urged UK citizens to take their destiny into their own hands. Namely, in the case of the onset of symptoms AWOL quarantine for seven days and to take care of your speedy recovery. In other words, to take in your own home all possible measures to fight the virus and not rush to call “ambulance.”

Photo: EPA-EFE/MARCO OTTICO the who: the Center of the pandemic COVID-19 moved from China to Europe

Johnson did not close stadiums, cancel sports events and other mass public gatherings. Not closed Britain, unlike most other countries, and schools of his country. Not canceled and flights to other countries. Simply put, almost all have remained in Britain as it was in “peaceful” times.

meanwhile, behind this liberal scenario in a situation unprecedented emergency is quite clever, although, to a large extent, the adventurous plan. That’s his point: it turns out that when a large enough number of people living near each other in one area are vaccinated against a certain infectious disease, it greatly complicates the new disease to cover those who have not been vaccinated or those who do not vaccinate subject. This option is the national Health Service UK (NHS) refers to as an “indirect form of protection in case of viral disease, when the majority of the population acquires immunity”. To simplify this option became known as the “herd”.

“the Project of knowledge vaccine”, developed at the University of Oxford, explains: “If someone is sicktotal measles is surrounded by those who are vaccinated against measles, the disease cannot easily switch to non-vaccinated, and will soon disappear altogether.” This “herd immunity” provides protection to newborns, elderly people and those who, because of any disease can not tolerate vaccinations.

Deputy Minister of health of great Britain contracted the coronavirus

Professor, University of Edinburgh mark Vulkhaus specializing in infectious disease epidemics, argues that the concept of “herd immunity” is the basis for all immunization programmes. However, according to the Professor, if you were infected and if a sufficiently large number of people were also exposed to the same infection, then all of these people will develop antibodies, and “herd immunity”. In this situation the virus will not be able to provoke an epidemic among this population. He will still be able to infect predisposed to the disease, but “not run away” and not provoke the epidemic.

it Seems that Boris Johnson has made a bet on this scenario. It is obvious a considerable share of adventure, such as “project” seems to be designed so that only the strongest survive. However, the leadership of UK health, apparently, endorsed a similar strategy to win.